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dear giancarlo:

At the moment we are trying to close the project before the 20 of july.

This anyhow does not mean that we can not extended up until august 15 the final and firm date to have already confirm all the contributions. The budget until today is not to tempting since not yet written compromise from companies in the island. But that I can tell you a bit later. I will put all my energy to try to get something, maybe airplaine tickets etc..., Also depending on the project we will need specification to try to get materiales etc needed, computer or whatever. The project

The escence of PR'00 comes from the interes in mantain an provide spaces for production emphatizing the importance of the process and production as key element in the devolopment of the contemporary arts, and thus contributing in strethening the critical thoughths and the support of artists and their search for new possibilities. The project then puts up a group of projects by a group of people that are the ones that construct them, each one proposing and deepening in their particular specification. In some cases the groups envolve represent the awarness of different persons in differents palaces that share this type of thoughts and works creating alternative spaces and in other the specificity of the non-neutral(refering to non institutional neutral exhibition space)are the point of departure for the project. We are targeting to a project that at the end try to fulfill the inquietud to maintain the work on the go no matter the suport

There are few possibilities that I see that you can investigate.

1. A space in the third floor that I haven't yet get any final confiramtion from Ana Maria Tavares from Brazil and is the main area of the floor that whatever happens there should permit the traffic to the rest of the rooms where some videos will be shown. I am sending you the floor plan and a photograph so that you can have an idea. ( The space is around 45 feet X 64 feet, with a front wall in windows (not in to good shape thus the rain gets in a little in the front. The photographs were taken a month ago so you see it full of storage materials. I will take photographs again the first week of august of the spaces, once we finish the cleanning of them (work that we are doing at the moment)

2. This not yet confirm there is a possibility that the store in the first floor moves and that we can use the space. (I am sending a general picture of the facade of the bulding

3. A public space (depends on the project and permits etc.)

About the project you are organinzing in september, let me tell you that i feel tempted to forget all the work i have from here and october and take a plane to italy, food have been my passion and cooking more, lets see if the day can open another 24 hour shift and keep rolling...

I appreciate the prompt response and eagger to square something.

Don't hesistate to e-mail me with doubts, ideas, one of my problems is that i believe everything can be done so there is no constrain in trying , although the reality is that to move the limitign lines in pr and open the eyes to many specially institucional, or corporate people here is like puring and ice bucket into a stove. That's why so important for us to go ahead and produce a project using any type of space , and regraless of burocratic powers work to create new domains in the hand of whoever thinks can do something, well i will not keep because you guys obviously understand it and thus your organization. And my interest that we have your participation and provoke and reinforce that in the island.

Un fuerte abrazo a los colegas y esperamos poder cuajar algo


pd sorry about the english. If prefer to talk in spanish confirm if not then english the best

Michy Marxuach