Subject: oreste indigent technologies
Sent: 9-08-2000 22:15
To: Michy Marxuach,


Aug 9, 2000

Dear Michy Marxuach,

I don't know if your project has been closed or not... I spoke with some artists taking part in the oreste organization, and we would like to make a proposal.

This is just an intuition, not more. Something like visualizing a "poor" network: instead of using the normal technologies (computers, Internet, chat, forum, etc.) I'd like to arrange a wall with papers (xerox copies, drawings, printed texts, articles, pictures...) in front of the public: the people could "click" an item (choose) and one of us will tell the story about it.

The "stories" are about the projects by Italian artists (we can collect photos, tapes and documentation on more than 200 artists). Most of these projects have been made with the collaboration of other artists.

Since we haven't in Italy any kind of agency supporting the visual arts, an important condition of our participation is connected with the costs of the airplane tickets...


all my best,