Erwin Wurm


Erwin Wurm


Born in 1954. Lives in Vienna and Limberg, Austria.


Wurm, Erwin

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Big Suit Departing
Big Suit Departing was conceived for the Berlin Schönefeld airport; the project consisted in the realization of a giant figure – 10 x 3,5 mt – hanging inside the airport hall with a 50% slope. The “dummy” has neither head nor limbs, it is totally…

Karlsruhe Boat
Karlsruhe Boat is a project for the main venue in the German city of EnBW, a society dealing with and trading energy, and consists of a real size boat – situated in a small fountain-like pool of water indoor – that paradoxically deforms itself…

Forum Vogelsang Banana
This project started as a cooperation with Coop Himmelb(l)au: the idea was to fill up the consisting building of the so called Adlerhof with reinforced concrete and build new rooms within the huge banana, that should be arranged above that…

The Venus project was studied for the Patscherkofel mountain, which is part of the Tux Alps – near Innsbruck, Austria, and consists in a proposal for positioning a classic wooden table of dimensions of 100x120x76 cm, but actually made in bronze,…

St. Pancras Truck
This sculpture was thought for St. Pancras station, located in northern London; the building dates back to 1861 and its victorian character contributes to frame this work as unreal, even if the artist through his works wants to communicate much more…

Mind Bubbles
Mind Bubblesis a project designed as an installation for the entrance hall of the head office of the Volksbank Wien, a building by the german architect Carsten Roth.The sculptures seem to be suspended in the air, as if a device had frozen them: a…
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