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Proposals, dreams and utopias from Zagreb
A selection of unrealized and refused art projects by MoRE Museum 

November 9 – December 2018
opening: Friday November 9, 12.00

 Ivan Picelj Archive, MSU, Av. Dubrovnik 17, 10000 Zagabria


The exhibition Proposals, Dreams and Utopias from Zagreb. A selection of unrealized and refused art projects by MoRE Museum was conceived during a residency held last spring, when the curators of MoRE Museum were invited by the MSU to explore the contemporary city art scene.

The exhibition is opening on Friday 9 November at both the MSU in Zagreb and on the website, curated by MoRE Museum, (Ilaria Bignotti, Elisabetta Modena, Valentina Rossi, Marco Scotti and Anna Zinelli) with the support of Jasna Jakšić and Vesna Meštrić (MSU).
It will be an opportunity to present a selection of unrealized projects by artists who have worked in the city of Zagreb, such as Tomislav Gotovac, Petar Dabac, David Maljković, Vlado Martek, Ivan Picelj, Marko Pogačnik, Zvonimir Radic, Vjenceslav Richter, Aleksandar Srnec and Marko Tadić.

During the residency, many unrealized projects from the 1950s to the present day were discovered in the archives and artists’ studios. Thanks to the interactivity of the physical and digital exhibitions, it will be possible to discover works like Total Portrait of the City of Zagreb (1979) by Tomislav Gotovac (Sombor 1937 - Zagreb 2010), a draft of a documentary screenplay about the city of Zagreb, Lost Pavillion, an unbuilt pavillion by David Maljković (Rijeka, 1973) for the city of Lyon, and a proposal by Petar Dabac (Zagreb, 1942) for an unbuilt museum in Zagreb dedicated to photography (Muzej za fotografiju - Museum of Photography 1986). There will also be several conceptual projects by Vlado Martek (Zagreb, 1951) which stand halfway between linguistic and visual research, such as Ambivalentna tautologija (2013-2014) and Ništa (2015), two unrealized videos - The Moons (2011), in which the artist intended to document the existence of a second moon, and The Room (2009), a stop-motion video on a spritualist séance by Marko Tadić (Sisak, 1979) and Lithopuncture (2004), a project for a series of urban sculptures by Marko Pogačnik. The last was part of Urban Intervention, a project organised by the Sirius Centre and promoted by the MSU, partially conserved in Lake Jarun Park in Zagreb, while some elements in the city centre were removed or relocated several years later. Two well-known historical projects are also exhibited: the Yugoslavian Pavilion designed but not realized for the Paris Exposition in 1950, the result of a collective design process by Ivan Picelj (Okučani, 1924 - Zagreb, 2011), Zvonimir Radić (Zagreb 1921 - 1985), Vjenceslav Richter (Drenova, 1917 - Zagreb, 2002) and Aleksandar Srnec (Zagreb, 1924 - 2010) and Synthurbanism, Richter's visionary project of the '50s and '60s.

Immage: David Maljković, Lost Pavillion, photo of hte maquette, 2009. Courtesy MoRE and the artist.


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