Sabrina Mezzaqui


Sabrina Mezzaqui


Sabrina Mezzaqui (Bologna, 1964) lives and works in Marzabotto (BO ).

Many of her works are a materialization of the passing of time, bringing into play the sense of manual works in the repetition of little gestures for hours and hours (stringing beads, cutting, bending, drawing small motifs...). Writing often appears in the works (in the form of short texts, memoirs, literary references, rearranged books...). Even her videos tell of slow times, recording changes in the light or simple natural phenomena like the dust near a window or the stars reflected on the waves from the sun or the falling snow.

She work with Galleria Massimo Minini Brescia (Messaggi inviati, 1999; Il pomeriggio è troppo azzurro, 2001; Quando le parole atterrano, 2006; Giocatori di perle, 2010) and the Galleria Continua in San Gimignano (Carezze, 2001; Ecco adesso, 2004; Sottolineature, 2005; Mettere a dimora, 2008; ciò che la primavera fa con i ciliegi, 2011).
She has exhibited in public spaces and cultural associations in Italy (GAM - Civic Gallery of Modern Art in Turin; Maxxi, Rome; Castel Sant 'Elmo, Naples; Papesse Palace, Siena; Museion, Bolzano; Open Space - GAM, Bologna; ViaFarini and Care of Milan; Scratch Gallery, Bologna ...) and abroad (PS1, New York; INOVA, Milwaukee, Wisconsin - WI; Modern Art Museum, Saint-Etienne - F; One Severn Street, Birmingham – UK; Raid Projects Gallery, Los Angeles - CA; Italian Institute of Culture - MOCA, Buenos Aires; Bengal Art Lounge, Dhaka - Bangladesh ...).


Mezzaqui, Sabrina

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The project was commissioned by Roberto Daolio as part of a series of art works to be placed on the top floor of the Department of Pediatric Oncology of the Sant’Orsola Hospital in Bologna, in collaboration with the Association AGEOP. The invited…
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