Sabrina Torelli


Sabrina Torelli


Sabrina Torelli (Reggio Emilia, 1966). In 1996 she received her Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts in Bologna. In 1999, she was seleceted for the International Studio Program - PS1- New York. In 2001 she was finalist for the Premio Querini - Furla 2001 Fondazione Querini Stampalia, Venice, and in the same year she won the award Open Space by the Gallery of Modern Art of Bologna. Her work investigates the different aspects of the possible sensorial perceptions, in the everyday dimension of the human being, in those of disorder and disease and in the processes of communication of nature’s systems, through the use of a wide variety of mediums and expressive tools. In recent years, the philosophical and spiritual component is an "upward momentum" in a personal journey of adherence to beliefs in which coexist in a harmonious way the material and immaterial world, the earthly and the cosmic dimension. Since 2005 she works on alternative therapies and techniques, taking an interest in practices and tools. Among the recent solo and group exhibitions, we remember: 2013 Self-portraits. Inscriptions of the feminine in Italian contemporary art, Mambo, (Bo), 2012 The hidden harmony is greater than that manifested, MLB, Ferrara, 2011 Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed, Garage42, Cecchini + Torelli, edited Francesca Referza, Velan Center, Turin; constructive Interference, Artists in Residence at the Company, curated by Giacinto di Pietrantonio and Francesca Referza (Airò, Isgrò, Pietroiusti, Parisi, Pivi, Sassolino, Spalletti, Stampone, Torelli) Foundation Malvina Menegaz, Castelbasso (Te); 2010 What does my soul while I'm working? Contemporary artwork by Consolandi Collection, curated by Francesca Pasini and Angela Vettese, MAGA, Museum Art Gallarate, Gallarate (Va); Languages and Trials, Young Artists in a contemporary collection. AgiVerona Collection of George and Anna Fasol, edited by George Verzotti Mart, Rovereto (Tn); 2009 At Mother Earth, permanent installation, Si- care in the park (Torelli - Ferraro), edited by Mili Romano, Savena District, Bologna, 2008 Artwork of love, Open Air by Marinella Paderni and Isolde Saccani, Botanical Garden of the University of Parma.


Torelli, Sabrina

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