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Annika Ström was born in Helsingborg, Sweden in 1964. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine arts in Copenhagen until 1997, but moved already to Berlin 1993. 
2005 she left Berlin and moved to United Kingdom where she now lives. Ström works predominately with films, soundtrack, performances and text works but has also written a feature film script. In 2010 Ström staged the performance "Ten embarrassed men" at the London Frieze art fair where ten identically dressed men walked around together at the fair looking embarrassed. The cause of the embarrassment was the low number of work produced by women artists that are represented at commercial art fairs. The work was followed by a series of other performances such as "The Upset Man”  2010 and "The Inept Five", 2012, “Six Lovely People” 2015.An ongoing performance is the "Seven Women Standing In The Way"where seven women in their 60s gently block the entrance of an art space, by talking, drinking and being oblivious to other visitor's attempts to enter the space. So far 10 performances with these women has taken place around  Europe Since 2000 Ström has also worked extensively with text phrases, painted on both paper and canvas. In 2014 the Swedish Art Agency commissioned her to do 10 texts works for the new build extension of LUX, the Humanities Departmentat Lund University. On the roof of the building a 10 meter long text in metal says; "men vänta nu". (Direct English translation is; "but wait now " meaning, “hold on”). The work is permanent. In 2015 she composed music with her text works for the Jonkoping Chamber choir in Sweden for a commission for Konsthall Jonkoping. A film was made of the performance and can be seen on vimeo .She is currently working on new paintings and a new film. A common subject for her work is “fear of failure”. For a solo exhibition in New York 2003, her title for the show was called “Everything in this show can be used against me”.


Ström, Annika

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Lonely Dads / The Medieval Hall in UK with disco lights
Invited to submit a project for a medieval hall in the UK, that should have been a collaboration with either local people or an organization, Annika Ström decided to present a performance based upon the idea of lonely men in their cars, supposed to…

Proposal for a performance work at Sergels Torg, Stockholm
This project was proposed by Annika Ström in 2016 as a public art commission, and should have taken place during nighttime at the Sergels Torg square in Stockholm. It consisted in a night concert, lasting approximately 15 minutes, where the Jönköping…

The Travel Agency
The Travel Agency is the title of a film Annika Ström started working at in 2006. As the artist recalls in the report donated to the MoRE museum, it went through several phases and two productors, without never being realised: the script ”was about…
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