Marko Pogačnik


Marko Pogačnik


Marko Pogačnik is a contemporary Slovenian artist. He studied at the Academy of Arts in Ljubljana where he graduated in 1967. He was co-founder of the OHO group between 1965 and 1971, alongsideMilenko Matanović, David Nez, Marko Pogačnik, and Andraž Šalamun.He lives and works in the village of Šempas (Nova Gorica).


Pogačnik, Marko

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Lithopuncture Zagreb
In October 2004, Marko Pogačnik created a series of urban sculptures in Zagreb as part of the "Urban Intervention" project. They were part of a cycle that the Slovenian artist had been developing since the 1980s, entitled Lithopuncture. He saw this…
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