Oreste represents a variable group of people - mainly Italian artists - who under this shared name have worked for four years at the creation of a free space for the expression and realization of different projects. Born in July 1997 with the meetings of the Oreste 0 (zero) project at the Municipal Forestry of Paliano (FR) and declared "dead" after participating at the exhibition Le Tribù dell'Arte in Rome (2001), Oreste has seen among the various activities a participation at the Venice Biennale (1999) following the invitation of the curator Harald Szeemann, the publication of three volumes, the organization of the conference Come spiegare a mia madre che ciò che faccio serve a qualcosa? at Link, Bologna (1997). Oreste had the goal of creating the conditions for artists, curators, other cultural professionals and the public to meet in a context that combined work and pleasure. The concepts of networking and sharing were at the basis of the project, which also used an online space inside undo.net and had intuited the future potential and develpoments of the web, the emails and the digital media.



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Porto Rico
The project was born upon request and on the initiative of Michy Marxuach, curator that in the summer 2000 invites Oreste to participate atPR ' 00 [intervenciones múltiples - múltiples intervenciones]in San Juan (Porto Rico).The one-week event…

Tate Event
The project, which can only be reconstructed today through a series of e-mails preserved inside the archive of Giancarlo Norese, consists of a proposal for an event at the Tate Modern in London andstarted from an invitation sent by the curator of the…
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