Degna di Goebbels



Degna di Goebbels


This project for an unrealised film was based on a Reiner Werner  Fassbinder 1975 piece, Der Muell, die Stadt und der Tod (Garbage, the City and Death), an adaptation of Gerhard Zwerenz's novel Erde ist unbewohnbar wie der Mond (1973). The film's working title, Degna di Goebbels, is taken from one of the signs exposed during the violent protests that broke out in Germany and prevented the show from being staged in the country until 2009, due to accusations of anti-Semitism, linked to the character of the rich Jewish businessman, one of the main character of the representation, and the violent monologues  on this theme. MASBEDO's work consisted in staging and shooting a performance with an actress, Silvia Calderoni, in a wood performing the theatrical text with a megaphone, until she reach a tombstone where the title phrase has been engraved, surrounded by a pack of wolves. The film should have had an original soundtrack composed by Carlo Boccadoro. This project is particularly significant inside the research of Nicolò Massazza and Iacopo Bedogni between video and performative, and can now be reconstructed through some photos from the set -  -, several e-mails excerpts which reconstruct the various processing and - also graphic - design phases of the tombstone. As declared by the same artists, "The shooting was interrupted during the first day, and the tombstone thrown into the trash”.
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MASBEDO, “Degna di Goebbels,” MoRE, accessed March 8, 2021,

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