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Luca Vitone


The artwork of Luca Vitone (Genoa, 1964), began in the second half of the ’80s. It focuses on the idea of the place, inviting us to re-cognize something we already know, defying the conventions of mutable, faded memory that characterize the present. His work explores the way places are identified through cultural production: art, cartography, music, cuisine, political associations, ethnic minorities. Vitone bridges the gap between the sense of loss of place characteristic of the postmodern and the ways in which feelings of belonging arise in the intersection of personal and collective memory. He reconstructs and invents forgotten paths to reconfigurate his own personal geography. Since 2006 he has been teaching at the Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan.


Vitone, Luca

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Foglie al vento
Foglie al vento is a project realised for the contest Arte per piazza Matteotti, organized by the city of Imola in 2010, that aimed at the creation of a monument to replace the memorial to the fallen of the First World War in the renovated…

Una tigre per Torino
The project is presented at the contest Premio ArteGiovane in 2002, Torino incontra l’arte. Una porta per Torino. Vitone proposes the realisation of an installation in the square, placed in front of Mirafiori, dedicated to Emilio Salgari, the writer…

Concorso di progettazione Piazza Verdi - La Spezia
The project, realized with architect and curator Frank Boehm, was presented in 2009 on the occasion of the design competition for the architectural and artistic requalification of Piazza Giuseppe Verdi, announced by the city of La Spezia…

Concorso per la progettazione di un monumento dedicato ai disertori del nazismo<br /><br />
Vitone in 2009 designed a memorial to the deserters from the Nazist army in the center of the city of Cologne,taking part in a competition, which he will not win.The artist, who has lived and worked in Germany, meditates from a political point of…
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